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Full Version: Mitsuwa (Chicago area), April 12, for lunch
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Who wants to meet at Mitsuwa Mall in Arlington Heights on April 12 for lunch?
I'm in!
if i can find a ride, I'm there
Bumping this.
Still on - Byronic, you still coming? Anyone else?
I still plan on being there, but there's a complication that just turned up. I'm going to bounce you a pm.
I'll see you at noon!
So glad I met all of you there I had a blast. Can't wait until puddle
Welcome, Meowceline! I'm glad you had fun. I did too!
Hi! It was great to meet you, and I'm glad you found your way here.

Here's my bad picture from the meet! Lol, the lighting made it hard for me and my point and click.

[Image: 13847842394_8ffe0dfbb9.jpg]April Doll Meet 2014 by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr
The picture doesn't show up...