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Full Version: Happy Valentine's Day...
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...or, "Where are my Roses??"

[Image: 12507477914_e12d9c15a8_z.jpg]
Where are my Roses? by spitechan, on Flickr

Rose bushes make great stabilizers... as long as you don't mind getting stabbed while gingerly picking your girls out of them.
[Image: 12507123783_626cb93c61_z.jpg]
Valentine's Day Anticipation by spitechan, on Flickr

[Image: 12511854423_1dddc6937c_z.jpg]
Where are my roses 2 by spitechan, on Flickr

Seriously, I will have to do some altering to her skirts. They are the biggest pita not fitting correctly.
So pretty with thorns and roses. Happy Valentine day too!
The rose among the thorns - I would've love to have that rose!
Happy Valentines day to you too.
Really cute pictures in the roses.
I hope non of you get hurt.