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Full Version: Severity sews stuff :3
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I decided to make myself a thread to show off all my sewing experiments. :3

I started experimenting with some patterns last night and put together an experimental outfit for Alanna (and got carried away and was up until 4 am sewing. Oops.)

 photo B7F11825-8AEA-4B4F-BB66-D9D188C22EA0.jpg

I used some modified MH patterns and some experimentation. smile all the bits are upcycled: her shirt used to be part of one of my shirts. The high waisted skirt is from denim scraps left over from a craft project at church where the youth were making dog toys for a local shelter (and they gave me a whole bag of scraps that were too small for their projects! I'm lucky that lots of friends know I make doll clothes and quilts: I get a LOT of scraps that way.)

 photo 14A299A3-4E92-4433-B004-3B7E059F84A5.jpg

I really wanted to make her a cross-body messenger bag. The proportions of this one are a bit off -- it used to be a pocket, I just folded it up a bit and sewed the sides. I didn't want to make the strap so long it would go over her head, so I sewed one end of the ribbon down and then used a snap on the other side so it can open and close. :3

Not the best work, but it was a fun experiment. I think today I'm going to fuss with dress patterns!
What a cute set! The red shirt turned out really nice, and the bag may be big, but it's cute. I like the idea of having a snap on the strap. Good idea.
Oh so cute.
They are great for the first time in this size..
Oh until 4 am..
I hope you neigbours aren't complaining hearing the sewing maschine all night ^^
Don't worry about my neighbors, I was sewing by hand!
I have a broken tooth and am not sleeping well lately, so I figure I could at least get some things done!
Thanks for your compliments!
Oh.. sewing by hand.. Im to impatient and to impresice for it.
I hope your tooth will be fixed soon. toothache is the worsest pain ever..
Cute set! Jean skirt is my favourite one, I like this wide "belt" section on it.
You sew by hand!! :o wauw, I'm never that patient not even with tiny bits! I do everything on my machine! grin Loving the Denim skirt! Will need to try that! smile
I really don't like machine's just too loud. I swear I'm part cat, because I don't like how loud the vacuum is either. smile

 photo B3F18847-9968-4497-B4DA-FE537794CF42.jpg

I made Alanna another outfit, although this time I spent a few days on it. :3 I was having trouble posing her without letting her lean back on her hands, but the sleeves of her off the shoulder shirt, the hem of the skirt, and the knee high socks all have the same lace trim!

 photo BDF12580-330F-443D-B731-A8143CF827A3.jpg

I'm thinking an outfit like this might be the first Pullip outfit that shows up in my shop! What do you all think?
Very pretty! Love all the details smile
Haha I'm scared of loud noises too Severity, I use to hate using my sewing machine because of it but I think I'm used to it now. I hate vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, drills and the cinema sad
I like the lace trim on the skirt and socks. You make lovely things. smile
 photo 85544BE9-CBF7-4161-9F05-E1B3A8A5704F.jpg

Made this for my Lyda today :3
Oh my goodness, is that adorable! I love the buttons. The details can really make a huge difference. And the elephants!
Elephants! I like the mismatched prints and the buttons--very cute!
Thank you! Lydia's personality is definitely that of a mismatched pattern kind of girl. smile
I have a huge stash of tiny buttons! My Gram was shopping at Michaels craft store with a coupon and thought they were cute and bought a whole stash of them. She told my mom, asking what she thought she should do with them -- I think she might have been thinking of putting them in tiny jars to display - but my mom reminded her that I'd started making doll clothes, so she sent them to me as a present. smile
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