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Full Version: Ophelia with her pony friend <3
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My beloved Ophelia with her pony friend Moonjumper. One of my fav ponies <3. And the more I look at Ophelia the more perfect I think she is grin. Also I tried on a blythe lalatroop hat. It fits really well, great news ^-^. I'm sure I was supposed to check this for someone but I forgot, oops..

[Image: 12842955945_52f236a638.jpg]
Ponycuddle Friday smile by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
[Image: 12842977545_2ddb99b55b.jpg]
Hat sharing ^^ by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
So pretty! What kind of body is she on?
Thank you smile. She is on a Pure Neemo Flection size medium smile. I love PN bodies.
Oh she is really sweet. I love her face up. Is she a custom?
Thank you <3. She is a custom done by me ^-^. She was a custom bait so this is a new life for her smile.
she is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!

... but that hat ... ERMAHGERD! steals the show! the WHOLE show lol
^-^. I love those hats, and now I know they fit Pullip so well they can share with my blythes. Great colour for her smile.
She is very pretty and PN body suits her well. smile
I don't know what's cuter, the pony friend or the lalatroop hat! Heart 2
So cute! Where can one buy a hat like that? I love it.
How cute! I adore those lalatroop hats. I wish they weren't so hard to get.
Thank you ^-^. Yes those hats are really hard to get, takes a pro stalker wink. I was so upset this morning because I finally have a bit more money and want to buy a new lalatroop hat. Had I dragged my ass straight out of bed instead of playing on family farm for an extra half hour I would have had a chance.. You can buy them on etsy, or ebay sometimes. She adds them at random times it seems..
Ooh, Ophelia is such a pretty girl, especially with that lalatroop hat smile
She is so pretty!
She should be a model.
Thank you <3. I think she must be my favourite as she is the most photographed. She feels like the dolly version of me sort of smile.