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Full Version: Pullip Dilettante review and photos
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I hadn’t really looked closely at Dilettante until I received one from Groove USA to review.
[Image: Dilettante1.jpg]

She is a beauty in person, with a soft fresh faceup. Of course I am a fan of her big brown eyes, and I like her smokey eye makeup.
[Image: Dilettante2.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante3.jpg]

Her wig has some flyaways but is much nicer quality than many stock wigs. It is very soft and fine. I’m not sure how those curls will do over time.
[Image: Dilettante6.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante8.jpg]

Her stock is reminiscent of Pullip Afternoon’s.
[Image: Dilettante4.jpg]

She comes with basic black pumps, black lace stockings, a very high-waisted tan skirt, a dark long-sleeved blouse with lace and a bow, a coat, and the best part of her stock – black framed glasses.
[Image: Dilettante5.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante7.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante9.jpg]

The lenses of her glasses are not as dark as they appear in the promo photos.
[Image: Dilettante10.jpg]

Overall the stock quality is decent. The coat is lined but the armholes are just cut out of the lining.
[Image: Dilettante12.jpg]

Overall Dilettante is a lovely basic Pullip with a nice quality wig and decent stock. She is going to look great in a variety of fashions.
[Image: Dilettante11.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante13.jpg]
omg thank you for posting this!! her stock photos really don't do justice. I absolutely like her a lot! At first she looked too neutral & brown, but now I think it all fits well together.
She's pretty but she still looks like an updated Alte to me, faceup-wise. For this girl and Hino, I don't get where they're coming from with the outfits. Are these supposed to be typical looks a teenage girl would wear? Why do the J-Dolls get the more fashionable outfits while Pullip gets this matronly get up?
she looks way better with the glasses on, it really ties her stock together
I think she is one of the prettiest new releases. Her lips and eyebrows are simply perfect. She goes on my wish list!
I agree that her promos did no justice to her whatsoever, thanks True and Hina for posting pictures of her. I really do hope you get more dolls to review in future.
She looks really pretty, better than her promo pics imo.
She is neutral, but it's a look that works, I think. CornflowerBlue, according to her description: "Trendy, Slightly Mature and Lady Like, Pullip in Casual wear has arrived!! With the soft colored coat on, Pullip who loves pretty and unusual things, can stroll around many cities."

She's $110 at PullipStyle, so she is the most affordable Pullip released this year.
I especially like her wig, and her makeup. As they continue to release at a steady rate, some are going to have to be similar, right? But her faceup, glasses and wig are just beautiful together.
This is what Celsiy grew up to become.
She looks pretty. I really like the color do her eyelids. The stock outfit is lovely too, but I can't believe the armholes are just cut into the lining like that.
She'll probably look a lot better rewigged and redressed. It's Pullips like this that make me wish they were sold like BJDs, where nude and bald were an option.
Pictures in an MIO outfit coming soon!
Loooooving her!! I wish PS would hurry up sending her grin she is very very beautiful!
Thank you True for posting this Heart
She is really cute. She got a really natural make Up.
Wow, she's really pretty! Her faceup is nice and classical Happy And the outfit is gorgeous, I'm not a fan of casual outfits but I need that blouse! yay
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