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Full Version: The Adventures of Sunsette -- Nova Scotia again, May 6
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This is Sunsette LaVoile, whom I introduced in the Profiles section.  Since she is currently my only photo subject, she thinks she is quite a star.
I'll post a few of her adventures here...

She has a serious sweet tooth.

[Image: 13616700963_77645525ca.jpg]

She likes to go to the beach.

[Image: 13616700023_16988c1c09.jpg]

She's been to work with me.

[Image: 13616676645_4fb39a0c22.jpg]

"Ready for my closeup..."
"I am fabulous."

[Image: 13617040274_2fbbf5f961.jpg]

And since it's tax time, she's wondering if she needs an accountant to deal with all the money she's going to make as a movie star.

[Image: 13617038324_54825f350f.jpg]
Awww! I -LOVE- these photos of her! This is one seriously loved mini! We don't see very many image sets of the minis around here, so I've been loving your photos of Sunsette! Heart
I agree with pixachii, she is well-loved. You don't really see minis here photographed that much around. smile
Can I be your accountant Sunsette? I'm willing for a movie star LOL
And ooohh, do you work in a library or am I mistaken? Tongue
Eek! Too cute, I wanna squish her Heart 2

The piccy of her amongst the books is adorable!!! I love that you took her to work LOL
Love it!
She's just utterly adorable!
She's a very busy super star!
She is so adorable! Such a star indeed!
Thanks, guys smile I have a zillion photos; I'll be spamming you. Yes, I work in a little library... on-call casual help so it's not regular. She was so impossibly cute that when I came across her by accident I couldn't resist, although at the time I had no clue what a Pullip was. I did have to cut her bangs; you couldn't really see her eyes. Since I did that, she has a more 'impish' look. My best friend swears her expression changes depending on the photo!
She's so easy to grab a quick photo of, or stick in her little carry case in a pocket. Makes doing photoshoots very appealing.
Yes, beajjai, you can submit your application (wink)... although my best friend is in line first as manager/set decorator/general assistant; unfortunately she lives almost as far away as you do! LOL
I'm sure Sunsette would enjoy seeing photos of other gals her size (I would too!).
Oooh, I like competition, with that she's indeed famous.

A bit topic but, ooooh, your friend's an Asian also?

Now you make me all jelly and want a mini Special 5
No, she lives practically on the other side of Canada. It just seems like 'nearly that far'. smile
Yeah, you should get a mini. So easy to take anywhere to photograph!
A few more... I really need to get some work done & stop messing around on the computer blush
But since our winter in this corner of the world has been interminable, I guess it's not too late for these.
Sunsette really doesn't like going out in the cold.

[Image: 13659251134_f353fa3571.jpg]
It's a winter wonderland... pretending to be enthused about the snow.

[Image: 13659253254_94a250528d.jpg]
Alien snow planet?

[Image: 13658929303_dc92fcc6a2.jpg]
I asked her to frolic in the snow. Does she look put-upon or what?

Finally, after a shoot this week:

[Image: 13659252264_af87e2085f.jpg]
"Who asks their models to pose nude in freezing temperatures on the edge of big surf? I'm staying in bed until June now."

...OK, I must stop!
does she have an official fan club? where do i go to join?
(04-07-2014, 04:59 AM)kaninchen Wrote: [ -> ]does she have an official fan club? where do i go to join?

LOL! Not 'yet'... but I am thinking of making her a YouTube channel... grin
She has a giant personality for such a wee one! I love her! smile
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