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Full Version: I did it - I rebodied dolls!
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Finally! I've been bothered by Nina's squeakyness and Eternia's floppy-ness forever!
I finally did it tonight- I rebodied them! I gave them Liv bodies, instead of obitsu. I already had Liv dolls at hand I never ever use, so I just harvested those LOL

Here they are!!

[Image: o25i.jpg]

[Image: 5oi7.jpg]

Nina (My favorite doll ever!)

[Image: 4dbh.jpg]

[Image: 3e9xm.jpg]

I'm very pleased with the results! They look soo much better.
Congratulations, they both look great and happy to be on their new stable bodies. smile I love LIV doll bodies too---it's what I used for 75% of my pullips. Yay for the successful venture!
The look awesome!! I also love Liv bodies. Congrats, Pancake! You did a great job!
They both look great! Especially Eternia, I just love her pose and her outfit!
Woo - yay for you dear! Your girls look very pleased with their new bodies. It'll seem a lot easier and less of a big deal to open 'em up from now on xD
Congratulations, Pancake! Your dolls looks gorgeous and so posable in their new bodies. Special 3

Wherever did you get Eternia's dress? It's so cool!
Congratulations! It's so scary doing mods for the first time, but it gets easier now. Eternia is beautiful. You really captured her in a way I'm not use to.
Thank you all so much!
My apologies for those unflattering photos of Nina, my new default photo is one I just took of her on her new body!

@pixachii- The dress came with a City Shopper Barbie! thanks!
Congrats on jumping into rebodying. Liv is an easy way to go and is a nice improvement over a type 3 body.
Oooh, thank you for the information! I'm going to be on the look out for the city shopper barbie dress!

Again, your girls are stunning. Thank you for the pictures. Special 3
Congrats! It's so satisfying to improve your dolls, isn't it yay
They look great!
They are really cute witb their new bodys. They arr matching very well
They look fabulous grin.