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Full Version: Shipshewana, Indiana Meet -Post-poned
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Okay we ARE having another one. Hopefully. XD
Depends on how many people come as you know. Tongue
Memorial day is Monday, May 26th.

The meet up is not only open to pullips, but Monster High, Freya, Hujoos, ETC.
We welcome all. grin

The probability of what we'll do that day is:
Wander the Flea market(They have LOTS of things. They have something for everyone.)
Have a picnic in the town park and talk dolls.
And this year, take some doll photos. ;]

totally trying! have that day off, but depends on monies sad
hey we took doll photos last time
Yeah, it'll come down to monies for me too.

Botcon will be less than a month later but I'll try and make this if I can smile
Oki-doki everyone. :3
I meant for picfics, Mandy. XD
so apparently my Uncle had planned a family BBQ and my parents already RSVP slash so unless we change the date I wont be able to go sad
Awww, Okay Mandy. :[
I know it sucks sad
We MIGHT be able to have it a wee bit early or a wee bit later.
i'm still trying
We can post-pone it if need be. :3
well if you want Drew, the boyfriend, to tag along it'll have to be on a Monday or Tuesday, those are his days off - otherwise I'll leave him at home :p
Thats up to you. XD
well id like him to go, that way you all can meet him, but idk how much of a doll fan he is...
The bar is set pretty low lol
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