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Full Version: Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
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My Phoebe Petrichor says Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

Happy Easter from TrueFan and Petrichor!

Feel free to add your own Easter photo.
Awwww...cute! Where did you get the tiny eggs?
They are gumballs.
Oh, how cute is that <3. Happy Easter. Not that we celebrate really, we just eat loads of candy and chillax while every other norwegian is up in a cabin on some mountain skiing, blaargh grin. I'm so not a normal norwegian Tongue.
Happy Easter! She is so cute smile
Ok, so I took a quick pic of my oh so cheerful Cinna with the Easter stuff nursery sent home with the kids smile. The mug has fingerprint chickens, so cute Heart. And mandatory for Easter is somthing or other with planted cress seeds in, I don't know why.
[Image: 13890955001_45c8b6a6b1.jpg]Easter decor a la nursery wink by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
That's so cute! I've seen those gum balls before. My ex coworker bought some for once for my Maretti that was sitting on my desk. For a few days she held them till I ate them all! XD

Your phoebe is so adorable! And Cinna looks so springy in her outfit! Adorable dals! Happy Easter!
Ah! Petrichor is so cute with her easter eggs!

And Bee, I love your girl's hat Heart 2

Happy easter to all!
Thanks for all the nice comments! (And the Cinna photo!)
Cute photos! Those bubble gum eggs are so perfect for doll props, TrueFan. smile

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a nice holiday!
Adorable Easter Dal photos! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, too! Looks like it's Dals 2 and Pullips 0 on the Easter photos.
Happy Easter, happy spring!

[Image: 13895138196_f67ae2bd5e.jpg]
Alliecat Very cute pic! What kind of flower is that? It's so pretty!
Lily wants to join in the Dal Easter cuteness!

[Image: 11cctgh.jpg]

[Image: 50s9xd.jpg]
Those are very sweet photos.
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