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Full Version: Girl with a Pearl Earring Pullip review and photos
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I had the opportunity to buy Girl with a Pearl Earring at a good price, and I’m glad I did. I paid no attention to this doll until she was shown wearing one of the MIO wigs. She is beautiful! A standout faceup that is unusual.

[Image: gpe2.jpg]

Her stock is of very high quality, some of the nicest Pullip stock I’ve seen. The skirt, overskirt, and top seem well made. The scarf thing is a little odd, but looks enough like the painting. I don’t plan to keep it on her. She has nice brown boots and serviceable tights, plus a long tulle petticoat under her skirt.

[Image: gpe5.jpg]

[Image: gpe6.jpg]

[Image: gpe3.jpg]

[Image: gpe4.jpg]

[Image: gpe8.jpg]

I had planned to rechip and rewig her in a Make It Own wig, but her own wig is a gorgeous auburn and of nice quality. I think I’m going to keep her just as she is (without the scarf covering up that lovely hair). If you have not yet taken a second look at Girl with a Pearl Earring, I encourage you to do so! She has become one of my new favorite Pullips of the last few years.

[Image: gpe9.jpg]

[Image: gpe10.jpg]

[Image: gpe11.jpg]

[Image: gpe12.jpg]
Congrats TrueFan! smile
I especially like her lips.
Her dramatic faceup is pretty - much like an artist doll.
I don't know how I missed this doll! I love Vermeer's artwork. grin and she is stunning!
Thanks so much for sharing pictures of her! I'm so glad to finally see some owner photos of her, she really is quite nice!
Congrats! Uhmm, I like her eyebrows and her hair is much nicer than I expected.
Ha ha, CornflowerBlue.
really stunning! Never paid much attention to her. I love her eye brows, lips, and how her lashes were drawn.
She is pretty, and casts off this elegant vibe.
Thanks for the comments! I'm glad to draw a little attention to this elegant girl.
Congratulations! What I like the most about her is that she really looks distinctive; I'm fairly confident I'd be able to tell her apart from all the other new pullip releases who seem to blend into one another after a while...

I love her hair!
Yes! Her distinctive look is part of what drew me to her. Her hair was an unexpected bonus.
Wow, I hadn't really given her any consideration, but her face up is so unusual. And she's really, really lovely.
She is beautiful and has the most amazing open lips of all Pullips up to date.