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Full Version: Prima Dolly Peach
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So I get to brag.. No really. Like really, really brag. Ms Peach arrived today. She's currently undergoing hair spa drying at the moment but her arrival snapshot is not a bad shot. Honestly, I don't think this girl could take a bad picture. Ever.

[Image: 14092122955_7505128acc.jpg]ms peach by Vertefae, on Flickr
She's gorgeous! Definitely brag away and spam us with more photos. smile
Congrats! She is lovely.
What a sweetheart!
I will! Lots of pics tomorrow
Yay for pic spam! And congratulations-she's quite lovely.
Lovely!! I do like the Prima Dollies they have such pretty faces and beautiful hair colours! Peach was a limited edition too :-D
Yes she was smile and why I feel super lucky to have gotten her
She is fabulous vertefae, huge congrats grin.
Pssst...still waiting for the promised pic spam wink
Oops forgot to post them!

[Image: 14094117101_7a9efca150.jpg]
Ms Peach by Vertefae, on Flickr

[Image: 13910695809_22832eaa45.jpg]
Ms Peach by Vertefae, on Flickr

[Image: 13910734298_59004c701a.jpg]
Ms Peach by Vertefae, on Flickr

[Image: 14074228766_5b48b7056e.jpg]
Ms Peach by Vertefae, on Flickr
She's so pretty!
Thank you! She was worth the dolly clear out.
Wow! I love her. Those blue eyes look so perfect with all her pink hair.
Wow, she takes my breath away.
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