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Full Version: Kara (My Melody)
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[Image: 4fae9a6e-5d8a-4f09-a749-0eb458637004_zps12eefdc5.jpg]
Kara: Hmm...

[Image: 66b5c188-ffe1-459a-8586-30b522338396_zpse78f30f5.jpg]
Kara: Where could he have gotten to?

[Image: f5ed79e8-8077-4ee3-9a87-5c2cd622263b_zpsd559adea.jpg]
Kara: HA!

[Image: fe688c0d-486b-49f6-8629-bd3c09a051c3_zps4a7e1844.jpg]
Kara: Gotcha LOL

Thanks so much for reading! I haven't photographed any of my dolls in a while so I'm happy I'm finally getting back into it.

Bonus Shot!
[Image: 81c92e1d-e685-4e5e-be9e-20301ee62457_zps7c83c416.jpg]
I love redheads, and Kara makes a beautiful one smile Her dress is priceless too.
She's such a pretty one! What an adorable hedgehog dress. smile
I often forget how wonderful My Mels look as redheads! And the dress is really cute, too.
Thanks for the redhead love! I've always wanted a redhead My Melody so I was really lucky when I came across one here.
She's gorgeous, I love my melody, & the wig you've picked out really suits her smile
My Melody dollies are so stunning as redheads indeed! Love her smile
Yay for MM redheads! Your girl looks very cute. smile
I love her dress!
Awwww....that is just so sweet! And I like the bonus photo too
She is very beautiful!!
I love My Melody Pullip, and the wig what you choose! LOL
I have never seen a redheaded My Melody that I can remember but your girl shows me they look beautiful as gingers grin