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Full Version: Central Massachusetts Meet?
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I know they have meet ups out near Boston, but an hour away is a bit more than I'd like to travel, especially alone. I was wondering if anyone knew about or would be interested in a meet up in central Mass, perhaps around the Worcester area?
I live in South Eastern CT, I'm up for a meet almost anywhere in the tri-state area eventually. Not too many collectors in New England.
I live in southern Mass, so I'm literally right next to CT, I'd be willing to go down that way for a meet if people were interested in that too! There really aren't enough meets around... I'm hoping to maybe plan one (or find someone else capable of doing so, since I haven't before). I'm open to suggestions on everything. smile
I'd love a meet but there hasn't been a big meet in years not since Animadness shutdown (they were in Waltham they sold Pullip and would host meets occasionally). People have tried to get things going again a few times but something always falls through Sweatdrop
Hmmm, we should do it then! I'm dying to go to a meet up, I've never been to one. So even if it starts small, at least it'll be a start!
I'm also in southern MA, but I'm on the rhode island border. I'm 1 exit away from the wrentham outlets on 495 (which I'm sure you've all been to!). We could meet at a place like that or we could find a library that allows groups to use rooms. I know of a couple.
What town would that be?
Requiemart lives in the Franklin/Taunton area, we meet up sometimes.
Taunton, MA? That's a lot farther east than I was looking to go... I was thinking more located in central mass, like Worcester, or even around Thompson, CT.
Not Taunton. I think Hina meant Franklin/Wrentham. But if that's too far that's fine.
Way too far. That's more Eastern MA, I'm looking for a meet up in Central MA, because there doesn't seem to be any closer this way. ^^;
What town do you live in?
I live in Dudley, MA.
(06-04-2014, 09:45 AM)Jessiflakes Wrote: [ -> ]I live in Dudley, MA.

I figured you'd be saying that or Webster. The library I was thinking of is in Bellingham. It's about 45 mins from Dudley, but it's also right off of 495 so someone not familiar with the area could get there easily.

The problem with Worcester is that no one wants to go to Worcester ^^;
I really don't want to go to Bellingham either. I really don't want to drive almost an hour for a doll meet, which is why I was thinking close to the central mass/CT area.
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