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Full Version: Daisy's New Look
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So I'm sick today... I have had really bad allergies for four days now and I'm not sure if that or the medicine I'm taking for it is making my stomach flip flop all over the place. BUT since I'm home from work I played around with Daisy and she found her new look.

[Image: 14288971513_4bd16f67b2_z.jpg]

[Image: 14245687286_58cabb53f0_z.jpg]

[Image: 14268398814_45d92b0f7f_z.jpg]

It should also be noted that it's a good thing I'm not a mother because how do you hair? lol Also Byul's eyemech is the simplest thing ever. I was surprised. I might put her stock wig back on because I liked her with short hair but I do love the grey chips in her.
Cute in a creepy byul kinda way! xD

I'm with you on the hair thing! Every time I try to tie their hair, braid it, or anything and it looks like a 5yr old did it....wait no a 5yr old would probably do better. :p
lol Yeah I never thought I'd own a Byul. I'm still getting used to her. Tongue

Pfft! Yeah I spent two hours trying to do different things with her hair and ended up with that rats nest in the pictures.
I have the same hair problems. Braids for everyone! I think she's super cute. Tuesday Mornings, bringing byuls to the masses who went "Oh, I don't think so". Love the chips by the way.
Thanks BH! With me it was more like "*horror scream* NEVER!" to "... She's kinda cute in person and only $16" lol I've even found myself looking at some Byul's on PS. She's definitely grown on me. smile
Thanks for some Byul love! grin
Poor girl never gets enough. TwT