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Full Version: My Pullip Dilettante!
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I received my Dilettante in the mail! I got her to be the doll form of my OC, named Marina, but I named her Lune because I don't really think the name Marina suits her.. She's kind of a scene kid and loves colors and music. She's not done yet, I obitsu'd her, but her wig hasn't arrived yet and I expect it to come Monday. I'm still going to continue to look for a longer fur wig.
Sorry for the GIANT photos. I have to work with my computer and it's so slow, it doesn't even let me go into any kind of photo editor to fix it. Ugh.
Here she is! I'm very excited to have her.

[Image: IMG_1630_zps826bd0f2.jpg]

I have a feeling once she gets more exposure from collectors, she will become a very popular doll. She has the looks and style for it, she just needs people to give her a chance!

[Image: IMG_1632_zps0e385976.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1631_zpscf43d309.jpg]
She is cute smile I like the wig she has.
She has a beautiful faceup! She's defo going on my wishlist. :p

Can't wait to see more of her!
Congrats, she's very pretty! I hope you are able to find the fur wig you have in mind!
Very beautiful!

She's one of the few Pullips who has a definite smile rather than a Mona Lisa half-smile. It's totally cute grin

Looking forward to seeing what you do with her hair!
She's adorable. One of the more recent T4 girls I like and want. I hope you take lots more pictures of her rewigged. smile
she is lovely smile I want her for her faceup, but my list is out of control so ... not right now. Congrats !
For some reason she reminds me of Yuki with the brown eyes, dark eyeshadow and pink lips. Either way she's beautiful smile
I really like her. She's on my list for surewink
Is her eyeshadow more purple or grey? In your pictures it looks more purple but in the promo pics it looks grey.
(06-01-2014, 04:04 PM)lyricsoul Wrote: [ -> ]Is her eyeshadow more purple or grey? In your pictures it looks more purple but in the promo pics it looks grey.

Thanks everyone!

Her eyeshadow is more purple to me. It's purple closer to her eye and grey-er up by her eyebrows. Her faceup is really beautiful and unique.
Your owner pictures only intensify my need for this doll. If they have her for sale at PUDDLE I might just buy her!