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Full Version: Realpuki
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I've fallen in love with the realpuki dolls. So darn cute! o.o

I was wondering how much I'd be looking at for second hand ones?
Just basic ones with faceup is what I'm after.

Also is there any places I can look for them apart from ebay/doa? Hardly any on ebay and I've only just joined doa.

And lastly, is there places that sell the sleeping faceplate by itself? Say I bought a secondhand realpuki but it didn't come with the sleeping face, it doesn't look like you can order them separately on the offical site.

Thank you! smile
The sleeping faceplate separately would need to be on DOA, probably. If you aren't in the marketplace, you should be! Oh, or Flickr is always a possibility, you can do a search with FS or FA.

I would say you are looking at about $250 on up for basic with faceup. These little darlings don't go cheap! There may be some on the marketplace cheaper, because they have been trying to sell them for a while. Some are less popular than others and some of the sellers don't have a clue how to sell something. (As in one crappy phone pic isn't exactly the way to do it.) I would check DDE and their stock, because you don't usually get a used one any cheaper! It's crazy, people are trying to sell their used ones for more than the in stock new ones.
Yea I only recently joined doa (still waiting on approval) so it will be a while before I have access to the marketplace. I've looked at dde, only problem is being in the uk I'd get hit by customs so if I was buying new I'd rather stick to European shops. I think thinkpink stocks fairyland dolls.

Ah that sucks they don't go any cheaper then retail, guess I've been spoilt with pullips! :p

I guess I better start saving while I do some more research, thank you for the information! smile
I've seen used RealPukis go for around $200 on eBay. (I think I paid between $180 and $200 for my Kaka, who came with face-up and eyes.) They honestly don't seem too common a sight in secondhand sales, but they do pop up once in a while. smile