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Full Version: Meet the New Girl
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Hi everyone! So on top of my custom that is being finished up, I added another girl to my collection! (granted, it may or may have not been an impulse buy) I havent decided on her name yet, any suggestions? grin She's still on her type 3 body since the extra obitsu I bought is being saved for my... mystery girl whose name I will keep secret. LOL
[Image: Prunella.jpg]
Aww she is very lovely. I would love to get another Prunella and complete too! Congrats grin
Thanks! She looks great in person, I can see why everyone likes her! yay
Congrats! She's gorgeous! I kind of regret getting mine nude.
Thank you! Even without her outfit she still looks great yay
Hello new girl! *waves*
She's so pretty! smile
Congratulations! She is just so pretty...........and will she be alright on this body for a while? Seeing the mystery girl pinched what should have been hers!
Congrats! There's no lovelier thing than a new Prunella, in mho anyway.
Beautiful Pru! Heart 2

Little mouse: thank you! I'm kind of sad she doesn't get an obitsu yet, I hope she won't mind for a little while longer LOL

BH: how true! She's so wonderful I can't imagine living without her anymore!

Missy: thank you!! yay
Congrats! She is very beauitful, love her hair colour!!