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Full Version: Snowdrop Windflower (and I made a flower crown!)
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[Image: 14769210992_c8b4cf7005_z.jpg]

"Aaah, summer - that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It's a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends."
~ Darell Hammond

Certainly made this flower crown for Heidi! Took me so long to make those flowers out of polymer clay, but they actually are based on real flowers, ones called Snowdrop Windflower. I realized after making the crown that I probably need at least ten more flowers. Anyways, Heidi is enjoying the sun and summer heat, though it's actually pretty cold here.

Model: Heidi Dahlen
Flower crown made by me. Clothes made by mother.
Wow, incredible work! grin

I love the idea that there's a flower called the Snowdrop Windflower. That's so poetic! smile
How cute! Making those teeny things out of clay looks like a lot of work, and steady hands required!
I think it's great that your mom makes clothes for your dolls! smile
Thank you fishy! I actually found the flower in a botanical garden, fell in love with it at first sight. Sadly, I lost the reference pics to them. T^T No idea which camera they're in.

Alliecat: Thank you! And yes it was a lot of work, took too much time if you ask me. LOL I'm hopping to make some soon! And mom thanks you for the compliment!
...ah, it's an anemone species. Google it -- lots of pix.
Those flowers are so pretty! I wish I was skilled with sculpting, I'd make one with strawberries and strawberry blossoms for my Isadore. Gorgeous work!
Alliecat: Yeah, I had to work from Google Images. And anemones always remind me of the ones in the sea. I wonder if they're related. LOL

Severity: Thank you! Flowers are actually not too hard to make, just takes a bit of practise, but all the tools that you need is polymer clay, ball tool and needle tool (something in the size of a knitting needle). It's actually really fun to make. And strawberries and strawberry blossoms sound so pretty! I gotta search how strawberry blossoms look. I want to make another one with lilies of the valley and pansies.
Strawberry blossoms look quite a bit like the ones you made there!

[Image: strawberry-flowers-51270.jpg]
Oooh that is pretty Severity. Sadly, I can see that as being very hard to make with polymer clay, just because of how separated the petals are and how round they are. There is so much more detail in this flower!
It is a very cute flower crown. You did a wonderful job smile
Wow, that's so cute! I can't imagine having the patience to do that. When it comes to crafts, I get frustrated so quickly. sad
I've never heard of that flower, but now I can say I have! LOL
Great job<3
Gosh! That is just so clever. If you hadn't said you had made the flowers I would have assumed they were real!!! This is brilliant!!!
Ditto what Little Mouse said; those flowers look so realistic!!

A beautiful photo, I always love seeing your family Kiki yay
The flowers that you made are amazing! The crown looks beautiful on your doll.
Audacia: Thank you!

Fawnlatte Floralbones: I get frustrated easily too, but you can definitely practise on patience. smile the rewards are great! And thanks!

Little mouse: Haha thank you for the compliments! I still have to add more of them though.

Missy_Crane: Thank you! I hope to have more photos up soon. smile

Pullip Guestie: Thanks! Glad you like it. smile