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Full Version: My New Kirakishou! <3
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A very special arrival came today!!! Heart 2

[Image: 2a7sqar.jpg]

[Image: 30c63b9.jpg]

Full review and (SO MUCH xD) picspam here:!-lt-3)&p=2842#post2842
She's very cute! Her hair is so pretty smile
I'm so tempted
She's lovely! Heart
Wow she's gorgous - I hope mine ships as I can't wait to get her now, she's stunning.
Congrats missy xxx
omg congrats!! she is so beautiful! I can't wait to get mine. yay
Your dolls are vey pretty!
she's gorgeous Missy, congratulations smile Unfortunately I can't see all the spam, you need to be a member to see, but I know she is beoootiful !
Congrats, I've seen other owner pics of the new Kira, and she looks lovely! How are her boots? Always admired those shoes. smile
Ahhh so beautiful - I love how her hair looks in your photos! Such nice big curls! I really need to get her myself!!
Congrats! Those sausage curls would drive me nuts!
Yeah, I would mess up her hair in no time too. But she's really cute; congrats on your new arrival. I can't see the picspam either...
Thanks everyone! I'm really happy with her. And to finally get my beloved Shinku too was heavenly smile I'm sorry! I forgot you have to be a member to see pics, but I recommend Dollchemy to everyone, it's a forum started by our own Vadafade Pixachii and Kaninchen with a special emphasis on customisation, it's a lot of fun xD

Kiki her boots are actually great quality!

[Image: fypocz.jpg]

[Image: 2jyx55.jpg]

Her hair, surprisingly, isn't as bad as it looks to care for, owing to its softness! Heart 2