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Full Version: An Icy Girl~(the new custom has arrived!)
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So here she is, my first custom is complete! I've had this character idea in mind since last June/July, and HSD did great!

I know it's not the best picture, but I wanted to show her as soon as possible yay

[Image: download.jpg]

Elsa from Frozen! Big thanks to HSD studios, they were very sweet and their face-ups look amazing! (I would definitely recommend them LOL )

P.S. I changed my avatar to commemorate the occasion! I guess this means I'll have to re-take my family photo signature Dead
She's so pretty! Is she wearing the Disney doll dress?
wow she is lovely smile
Oh my gosh! She's gorgeous. Looks exactly like Elsa :3
I love Frozen~
Wow, they did an amazing job. Bring on the picspam!
Cosmicheart: yes! I feel bad though because my classic elsa doll has no clothing to wear now LOL

Lily Eyre: thank you! I'm glad she turned out okay yay

Victoria: thank you so much!

Jinxedorchid: haha thanks! I'll be posting many pictures, especially when winter comes! Tongue
Wonderful! grin Way more like her than the official-release dolls, imho. smile
Oh love her! She looks perfect especially those lips, just like Elsa's.
She looks amazing!!! The pullip face shape is so perfect for Elsa and Ana. You make me tempted to get a custom Ana..
What a true beauty--it really captures the Elsa character.
She's cute. Congratulations on getting her! More photos smile
Fishy: oh wow thank you! I think she may have become my favorite LOL

Nekoshoujo: thanks! Yeah, I really wanted the lips to be acrylic, since that's what it looked like in the movie Tongue

LosTandFounD: that would be great! Then we could see a Elsa-Anna combo! LOL

KiraKira: thank you! I'm glad she turned out alright yay

Missy_Crane: aww thank you! Happy

Alliecat: thanks!! I'll definitely have a photo feet of her soon, especially when it gets cold! LOL


Oh my gosh :0

That's such a job well done!
You can instantly tell it's Elsa. It's almost uncanny.

I really hope you'll get to take lots and lots of pictures of her ( and of course share them on herewink).
She looks great! Just like Elsa in the movie! Lovely!