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Full Version: Demon Hunter
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[Image: 15086402411_f3717ac7ee_z.jpg]

"He walks alone in the forest, relying on only himself. His footsteps are quiet, his movements graceful. There is not hesitation as he stalks his prey."

Sorry for the delay in photos, everyone. I've just gotten lazy because I have so many photos to share, but they all have to go through some editing. But Ronan finally has some clothes! Isn't he the handsomest thing?

Model: Ronan Dahlen
Clothes made by mother. Shoes from Taobao.
I love him! You did a great job styling him. Hednar is the best imho.


Great photo : )
He is such a cutie, and I love his matching hair and eyes!
Great photo! He blends in so nicely with the color of the bark too, it has shades that are similar to his wig. Very nice.
Beautiful photo. And Hednar is an awesome Isul. His concept as a demon hunter makes me nostalgic for Onikirimaru manga (called Ogre Slayer in the US.)
ByronicHeroine: Thank you! Hednar is the best. LOL

OwlDeer: Thanks. Groove did a really great job with this Isul. His hair and eyes were what made me want to buy him. smile

Nekoshoujo: Thank you! I'll have more pics of him up soon.

Kyubi09: Thanks! And I'll definitely check out Onikirimaru. I've always seen him more as a demon than a demon hunter, but now I'm converted!
I know he wouldn't appreciate this, being a scary demon hunter and all...but...


The little sword and his dark expression are adorable.
Missy_Crane: I know right! I squee when I see him too. If he had softer cheeks, I would pinch them so much.