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Full Version: Hands and Knees on Glass (updated 09/06/2014)
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[Image: 15134207375_9eab6a76e8_z.jpg]

"She stood, barefoot,
On sharp sparkling diamonds.
Her smile was serene as she beckoned you to come over,
On your hands and knees,
Over shattered glass."

Finally! A good decent photo using flash photography. Been developing that for the past few days though I should be reviewing my math for the upcoming year. Ah well. This is Ianthe Maras. She's my second custom and is inspired by Blanche. Actually she's essentially the same as Blanche except for her eye liner, which is more natural than the original. For anyone who knows me, they also know that I have always wanted a Blanche but don't have the money for her. I guess I just decided to make my own. I'm quite happy with her and am tempted to transfer her to an MIO. But nah. She does have a white wig coming for her though. I haven't developed her character yet. All I know is that she's Spanish and the best friend of Miao's older sister--which I have yet to create.

Model: Ianthe Maras
Clothes made by mother. Custom by myself.

Edit 09/04/2014:
[Image: 15120869136_436389c4e6_z.jpg]

This is a requested pic for XpertiseAlexx of Ianthe's face up. As I said in my description of this pic's page, the editing that I did for the image made her eyeshadow, blush and lips a bit darker than what it looks like in real life. So.. yeah. LOL I'll be updating this as I have more pics up.

Edit 09/06/2014:
[Image: 14970506800_99723fb74a_z.jpg]

More photos of Ianthe. Sorry to continuously update the thread, but I've gotten into the habit of not photo dumping on my Flickr. So a lot of photoshoots are broken up. I know I do have a lot more pics of my other darlings, but I can't help but share more photos of Ianthe. And for some odd reason, all this semi-darkness makes her look like some seductress when in reality, she's not like that at all. She's quite straightforward and nice.
Lovely! She does look a lot like Blanche. You have some real talent. smile
Thanks fishy! That's so nice of you to say.
I definitely did a double take, she looks so much like Blanche. She's just as beautiful for sure. Very cool effect with this photo, it looks like she's floating.
Nekoshoujo: Thank you! I find she resembles Blanche in photos more than she does in real life, LOL not sure why. And she's actually in a glass vase, just i haven't figured out whether it's possible to capture glass in this style of photography.

Side note: I updated a pic of her face up!
She's really pretty! I especially love the shape of her lips. Heart 2
Jinxedorchid: Thank you! smile I love her lips too. XD