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Full Version: Ohio Meet-Up Ideas?
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I really want to plan another Ohio meet, but not sure where the best location would be. I am in Elyria, so a Cleveland based meet would be perfect. I am also willing to travel down to Columbus for a meet as well.

Anyways would love to hear ideas from other Ohio dolly people.
There is a Columbus meet in October. smile we do quite a few Ohio Blythe meets and all dolls are welcomed. If you're on Facebook, feel free to join our group!

So far, we have done meets in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and I think we've even had two in northern Kentucky. There's been a few in Indiana, as well.
I'm also in the Cleveland area; I've seen the info about the Blythe meets in Columbus (but I don't have a Blythe and would feel weird going!)
Severity, I've been to Blythe meets with my Pullips before, and I've found that Blythe collectors are some of the most loving and kind collectors out there. If you're ever interested in going to a Columbus Blythe meet, please let me know! I'll definitely try to go too, and I'll bring my Pullips with my Blythes so you won't feel out of place! grin

Besides, I've also found that Blythe people are quick to transfer to the Dal-side after seeing Dals in person. wink It's fun to be a Groove family ambassador!

Kanamai, you really should join the Facebook group Blythetastic posted! I'm also a member of that group, and the meets and events that group plans are so much fun! Heart
I did join, though I don't know how often I will be able to make Columbus meets. I know I can't make the upcoming one.
Some of the people in our group collect Pullips so no need to fear! smile We're pretty dang cool, if I may say so. We don't shun other non-Blythe dolls, I promise. If we did, my mom would be in trouble. She's brought a Cabbage Patch to a meet before, ha.

Whenever I get my documents back, I had started a list for emailing everyone who was interested in future meets. Currently, my laptop is a bit dead but I'm hoping to recover the files which include this list. If you'd rather join that and hear about the meets and then decide, just let me know. If not, no pressure! I've planned a lot of Ohio meets and I help run the group so I can't help but plug it. No worries either way! smile
i have Blythes (clones) and Pullips. (and Barbies and Monster High and Tonners and LPS)