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Full Version: Daesani & Petra in the woods
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I don't get very far for photoshoots these days. Choices are beach, or woods. Not that there's anything wrong with those... wink

Petra & Daesani got some (more) new outfits, & went exploring.

[Image: 15172601353_71665ff61c_o.jpg]

[Image: 15607199630_1a4d0438ff_o.jpg]
Daesani decided to have another go at being elegant. I think she did ok wink

[Image: 15768361156_b7df75ba21_o.jpg]
Looking like they're waiting for Prince Charming or something?
(Both seem to want a guy who can handle a sword...)

[Image: 15607199970_45647ae813_o.jpg]
I love this cute little fall sweater on her.

[Image: 15792029485_2fd08fc18c_o.jpg]

[Image: 15793679812_c357a0fe44_o.jpg]
They found a cool tree.

[Image: 15606872927_d717a8ea92_o.jpg]

[Image: 15606217039_e9be9c81b4_o.jpg]
Both a little skeptical of this mode of transportation, though...

Thanks for looking smile
Hahah I love their expressions in the last shot! That's such a pretty form of transportation though!!

Wonderful shots, these two are adorable. X3
Very cute! I like their outfits! smile
I especially love Daesani in her autumn colours. Suits her perfectly smile And although they are both giving you side eye in the last pic, I LOVE that bag smile
I love the big fluffy dresses! Cute!
Aww so cute. Lace alert^^ they are really beautyful.
Thanks all smile
Yeah, the dresses are ridiculously addictive... Lovelygirlstore2010 on eBay has such gorgeous gowns -- & nice other clothes too, generally fairly cheap. I wound up getting one for each of the girls... unfortunately it's hard to predict which ones will be way too big in the bust. Some alteration needed, winter project... some winter... Tongue
If I recall, my mom made that bag looooonggg ago, from a kit, when such things were fashionable. Good thing we never throw anything away around here. It had been in a closet for years. Suddenly it's a dolly tote!