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Full Version: Daesani gets a makeover
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...well, new hair anyway.
So I changed my first wig, & yes it was really easy. Unfortunately this one is a wee bit small & kept wanting to slide off, so I wound up not using the velcro I'd bought; seemed not quite enough to hold it on. I hope the white glue I used is ok. Alas, someone was a little impatient; I probably should have elasticked it down or something, till the glue dried...? It rode up a little & there's a poofy part at the top. Sometime when I have noooothing to do (ha) maybe I'll take it off & try to push it down better. I don't think it shows though.

[Image: 16023085772_76b3ab8c50_o.jpg]

[Image: 16021826771_dd7a59585c_o.jpg]
"I like it!"

[Image: 15837725899_8ca7e2e812_o.jpg]

[Image: 16021824701_9471b649eb_o.jpg]
Who knew little Samurai girl would clean up so nice? I am soooo glad there were owner photos to show the potential of this gorgeous doll smile

[Image: 16023083822_bc337322fb_o.jpg]
She's doing 'glam' pretty well.

[Image: 16021825831_0045705ea6_o.jpg]
Petra has been reassured that she doesn't need a makeover because she's so cute just as she is.

[Image: 15838026367_29a3366089_o.jpg]

[Image: 15836353038_2f07678a7f_o.jpg]
She's thinking about modelling for a 'save the seals' campaign wink

Thanks for looking! grin
Well done! I love the color of the wig!! iiieekk I can remember the first time I rewigged, I was so nervous! But once you get the hang of it wink!
I really like the combination of her wig! It really makes the color of her eyechips stand out! It also sort of makes her look like she has a fiery sort of personality! smile
She looks beautiful in her new wig! & that outfit with a scarf/shawl is very pretty on her. smile
Oh she really suits this colour! She looks even more fantastic! 83
She does look pretty good in that color! Nice job!
She is super cute in that wig (and kind of looks like she could be Sunsette's big sister!). Petra is also adorable just the way she is!
Thank you, everyone grin
Looking back at the first photos I took of her, I can't believe how different she looks now. I just love this gorgeous girl! To think, I overlooked her because of the outfit in the stock photos, where you really can't SEE her.
Hmm, maybe I should do some shoots of her & Sunsette together! And yes, I think she does have a fiery sort of personality (well, what would you expect from a former Samurai LOL ).
She also seems very well suited to doing this kind of thing. I would not previously have considered this use for tinsel...!! blush

[Image: 15683492964_5a404f67a3_o.jpg]

[Image: 15686030323_782c56690e_o.jpg]
Cute! Love the new pictures of Daesani, especially the second one! yay
Wow! That color is perfect for her. I think it brings out her skintone more. She's changed a lot but she's only growing more beautiful day by day <3
She is looks so good in that new!