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Full Version: Missy's Crew December Newsletter (HEAVY picspam!)
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It's your first full year and that's a lot of dolls all in all! Squee in all that cuteness!
Congrats Missy!~ Heart
Thank you very much, Jai Heart
Bella looks so disgruntled in HK's stock. I love it <3 All your new girls are adorable. Bonnie looks particularly beautiful in that wig. IMHO HK is by far one of the most beautiful pullips but it's hard to see that in her stock wig (that thing is a monster!)
Hehe, thanks so much Nekoshoujo! Bonnie really has become one of my favourite girls with her new look Heart and agree with you 100% about the stock wig! Eek! I probably never would have bought HK if I hadn't seen her rewigged on Flickr!
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