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[Image: 15669325744_9ecdc66ab7_z.jpg]

I was at ToysRUs last week and saw an adorable Lalaloopsy doll that is Kyouka sized so of course I had to get it for her.
Aww, that's so cute! It's so perfect that both of them are wearing kimonos!
Adorable! What kind of dal is she?
Gosh they're both so cute.
(01-16-2015, 11:58 PM)Brill Wrote: [ -> ]Adorable! What kind of dal is she?

Kyouka is a modded Sooni. She has custom eyechips, a modded eyemech, and a Pure Neemo Flection body. And has also been rewigged.
Oh I love that Lalaloopsy. She's so cute. And of course Kyouka is too. They make a beautiful pair.
Oh that is just so cute! ((yay))
I love how they match, what a cute find. smile
She's so cute , her kimono suits her perfectly and I love the Lalaloopsy !