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Full Version: nerdygal123 attempts repaints!
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CN-Doll nudity/fake blood
I do not know why some of the images are sideways and I don't know how to fix it either? Sweatdrop

[Image: 10r5xqq.jpg]

A demon.

[Image: jhwp5u.jpg]

fem!Croach the Tracker from Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars.

[Image: 256tzps.jpg]

Frostbite Elsa.

[Image: 1zmh0uc.jpg]

Carlos the Scientist from Welcome to Nightvale.

[Image: o8apmc.jpg]

Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Nightvale.

[Image: 2zstqau.jpg]

Cecil and Carlos, feat. lab table I made.
I loooove your reprints especially the first one i have always been a fan of when people make monster high all gory smile
They look great, especially for first repaints ! smile
Guess who forgot she made this! (it was me)
I have more repaints, and I think I'm getting better! Most of them are still naked though.

[Image: 25711449743_388c466157.jpg]IMG_2635 by nerdygal123, on Flickr

[Image: 26247527661_c87919b128.jpg]max by nerdygal123, on Flickr
These are both Max, who I made for my friend for Christmas.

[Image: 25710905123_5fea14fbc4.jpg]IMG_20160316_230631 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Undyne, from Undertale.

[Image: 20659689350_161c592450.jpg]20150824_112956 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Croach, from Sparks Nevada.

[Image: 20659689910_911eb318c1.jpg]20150824_112944 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Sparks Nevada, from Sparks Nevada.

[Image: 20838166212_e44dd08860.jpg]20150730_144835 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Usagi (Sailor Moon)

[Image: 20821337626_9296eb5cb6.jpg]20150729_190425 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Rei (Sailor Mars)

[Image: 20659572638_29f699fe6b.jpg]20150820_234315 by nerdygal123, on Flickr
Harley Quinn.

I really need a backdrop. And doll clothes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
A piece of scrapbook paper taped to something makes a quick and cheap backdrop for dolls small enough to fit within it's dimensions.
Thanks for the tip! I will keep that in mind.
Painting MH heads must be hard since they are small! I like how Sparks Nevada turned out, and Rei.
Thank you! I mostly use colored pencils now, which is much easier. I love Sparks too. Her eyes are definitely my favorite.
Oh heck yes! I missed the first time that you had done Sparks and Croach but it makes me so happy to see another TAH fan! That's pretty much the perfect expression for Sparks too. smile
That's a lot of work! You have quite a collection of one-of-a-kinds. Hope the naked ones get some clothes soon LOL A piece of clothing with an appropriate colour can be used for a backdrop too; I've used shirts...
GreysPrincess- Somebody else here likes TAH?????? I'm actually considering working on Frank and Sadie, but I've yet to find a head a body I think Frank would look good on. Sparks is definitely one of my favorite girls I've made. I'm currently rerooting her with a pretty ginger color.

Alliecat- Thanks! I've used scarfs as backgrounds before. Most of these pictures are from the summer when I was at my mom's house without most of my stuff.

If anyone is interested, I might start selling some of my MH customs on etsy. I have a lot of them and not a lot of room and not a lot of money. So please let me know if anyone would be interested! (they would have clothes and better photography, I'm sure)
Yes, I can make clothes happen for them :3

Rei is so much prettier in person! I really really need to get her hair. I have a hard time doing reroots these days because my boy cats (who are totally zen when I'm sewing and even resist the temptation to make yarn messes) think that my playing with hair is the Coolest Thing Ever and they really want to help and are, unsurprisingly, not too helpful.

Sorry for threadjacking!!