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Full Version: Macaroon girl.
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Recently I got some macaroons on ebay for my Yeolume. While she still won't tell me her name she has told me she was born in Korea to a Japanese mom and a Korean dad! Also she LOVES macaroons like me!

[Image: 16140308368_3420c41ea9.jpg]
Yeolume. by baobaodoll, on Flickr
[Image: 16301932206_3ca2fe57cf.jpg]
Yeolume. by baobaodoll, on Flickr

Feel free to add me on flickr! smile I'm also making a Instagram soon for her. I just need her to tell me her name!
What a lucky doll to have so many tasty macaroons smile I hope you get her name sorted soon, it's great to find the name that finally clicks!
She's so cute! ;w;
Adorable! I love the little macarons you got for her! I also hope you figure out a nice name for her soon! It's a lot of fun thinking of names and then finding that perfect one. smile
aw such a cute little nameless girl. Those macaroons are so tiny and cute! what a nice present for her <3
She looks adorable in the second picture! I also added you on Flickr. smile
Funny, my name is Yeolume happens Macaron ^^
it's cute .
Ahh! I love that second photo, she looks all 'you are totally not sharing these, they're all mine' xD Heart 2
She is just so adorable........any luck with the name finding yet?