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Full Version: We're not dead.
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Sooo yeah, hi there. The horde isn't dead yet. XD

[Image: x1c6cy.jpg]

[Image: 2r4ivlx.jpg]

[Image: 14n1xc3.jpg]

[Image: 21br908.jpg]

[Image: aylr2d.jpg]

And a little Lenore x Drossel:
[Image: 1zfpl5s.jpg]

And yes, I know my photo quality sucks.
Glad to hear that you are all alive and kicking! It's great seeing the Horde around again.
Well that's good to hear! Love the way the horde is dressed in these photos. Everyone is so stylish.
They all look so awesome, I love how you've styled them all!
I missed Lenore - she's the prettiest Neo Noir for me smile
They all look great! Lenore is beautiful, gorgeous dress. smile
Looks like the crew is doing well.