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Full Version: Kanta arrives (old thread, never posted here)
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Since we've been sharing a little Kanta love on this forum, I thought I'd post my Kanta arrival story from 2010.

TrueFan: Welcome, Kanta! Where would you like to stand?
[Image: Kantasma.jpg]

Kanta: I would like to stand with my camel.
[Image: Kantasmb.jpg]

TrueFan: Your camel?!?
Kanta: Yes, my camel. An even-toed ungulate with humps on its back?
[Image: Kantasmd.jpg]

TrueFan: I know what a camel is! I just don't happen to have a camel for you.
Kanta: What?!? No camel? What kind of an uncivilized place is this?
[Image: Kantasmc.jpg]

Kanta: Oh, I'll just stand with my brother then.
TrueFan: Sorry, I did not buy your brother.
[Image: Kantasme.jpg]

Kanta: You better not tell me there is no flying carpet here either.
TrueFan: ?!?
[Image: Kantasmf.jpg]

Drta: Oh! The new girl is threatening TrueFan with a saber!
Hina ichigo: That takes a lot of nerve! I hope she knows what she is doing!
[Image: Kantasmg.jpg]

Satti: Finally, some action! Let's go join the fray!
Sea Shanty: Go ahead already! Just don't expect me to save you when you get in over your head.
[Image: Kantasmh.jpg]

Ciels: Sebastian, go help!
Coco: But is he supposed to to help Kanta, or TrueFan?
[Image: Kantasmi.jpg]

Lipoca: TrueFan! It's me, Lipoca! Come get my pitchfork so you can defend yourself!
[Image: Kantasmj.jpg]

Kanta: You are really a worthless servant.
TrueFan: Kanta, I am not your servant. Stop poking your saber in my face and put it away before someone gets turned into custom bait.
[Image: Kantasmk.jpg]

Kanta: Fine! Whatever! I resign myself to the fates! Since I have no camel, no brother, and no magic carpet, I don't care where I stand!
[Image: Kantasml.jpg]

TrueFan: Given how tall your hat thing is, I don't think we have much choice anyway.
Kanta: It is called a turban, thank you very much. Honestly, do you know anything?
[Image: Kantasmm.jpg]

TrueFan: Ende, Lipoca, keep Kanta in line!
Kanta: Hey, I'm the one with the saber here!
[Image: Kantasmn.jpg]

Bonus shot:
[Image: Kantasmo.jpg]

I am positively envious of that Bonus Shot, btw.
And that was taken over four years ago. A doll or two *cough* has joined the shelves since then.
Oh. My. All. Those. Dolls.
How do you dust??
What a great collection.
She is cute, and the dialogue made me chuckle.
So, didn't she, ever, get a camel?? sad
Very cute!! smile

(Is that a Sala Dal?! and a Veritas one?! :') Cute! smile )
Thanks! I dust sporadically. This is only about one third of the room. Poor Kanta indeed never received a camel.

Sea Shanty is actually Tantus's little sister. She is probably the most popular modified Dal I've ever made. She is a rewigged and rechipped Tezca.
Sea Shanty 2

Sea Shanty and Tantus 2

Here is an arrival story if you are a member of the PS forum:

Oh, and Zsa Zsa is Lala's sister.
[Image: lalassm1.jpg]

More photos on the Dal House Forum:
How demanding little Kanta is! xD She sure is a feisty one. smile Good thing Ende and Lipoca are there to keep her in check. ^.^

And I love all the bonus pictures you added!
So Zsa Zsa is a Tinkerbell! I didn't recognize her.
OMG!! What a wall! Love your 2 Mini-me sibs too! Kanta NEEDS a Camel! How could you not have gotten her one yet. Admittedly, I am not sure where you'd find one, but I did get a very cute (excellently sized) sheep from Toys R Us in the plush section. Maybe a sheep would calm her down?
(01-31-2015, 04:08 PM)Kyubi09 Wrote: [ -> ]Kanta NEEDS a Camel! How could you not have gotten her one yet. Admittedly, I am not sure where you'd find one,...

Here you go.
Stuffed Safari is great. They have an amazing collection of animals. You name it, they have it. I get lost on that site!, and have to remind myself that I don't have room for more stuffed animals.
Ahhh! Yess. More Kanta love! She's so adorable and demanding! <333
Yep, Zsa Zsa is a Tinkerbell. She had a faceup closest to Lala's.
wow! I love the way you have your dolls displayed with their boxes behind them. It's a nice way to store those pesky boxes and give your girls a little background. And even though this is Kanta's thread, Sea Shanty stole it for me. She's so adorable and fluffy; I can see why she's so popular wink
The boxes still have dolls in them! I have NRFB versions of some of my favorites. And they do look nice behind the deboxed girls! Thanks for the nice comments about Sea Shanty. I love her too!
*stops and stares at the bonus shot for like 5 minutes*

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