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Full Version: Snow day!
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It's been snowing like crazy in Boston so I decided to use this time to take a few quick pictures! A few more are on my flickr!

[Image: 15863717934_52a4b2b4f6_c.jpg]Snow day! by baobaodoll, on Flickr
All of the pictures are so cute! I really love them! yay Also, I'm now following you on flickr. smile
Hey Boston, quit sending all that snow up to Canada Rawr!
She's very cute. Her little coat is perfect on her!
Ah so cute! She looks like she's having so much fun!
Super cute!! I love her coat and shoes!! yay They fit her so well!
I like snow pictures! ^^ And this coat is very pretty! Happy
She is so adorable!
Aww! Yeolume snow angel!!! ^____^