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Full Version: Arbella Crazy
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My new doll Arbella has bin the only one getting attention. Which is normal for a new doll but this is more then usual. It might be because shes a huge grail of mine!!

Arbella ✿ADAW 2/53✿

Fairy Catching ✿ADAW 5/53✿

Arbella ✿ADAW 6/53✿
She is gorgeous!! Heart
Oooh, I love that last shot! She's beautiful!
She is very beautiful, I love her lips! *_*
She is stunning! And I love her dresses, too.
Is she a Chicca? I love her with the new eye color.
Absolutely beautiful! She really has such a pretty face. smile I really love that second picture!
Beautiful pictures and your new girl is stunning!
I love that last shot of her so much! ((yay))
Gosh she's so pretty modified! grin
Is she a Greggia?
Wowow! She is beautiful!
Oooh I love her eyes! And her hair looks really lovely.
Congrats on getting your grail doll. She's very pretty smile And she looks really cold in that jar!
(02-13-2015, 11:08 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]Is she a Chicca? I love her with the new eye color.

Oh shes actually a Greggia but Chicca is lovely to grin

Thank you all, your all so sweet!!
doll bottle ... It's super cute <3