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Full Version: Valentine's Day
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I just have to share this photo here today.....

[Image: 15622811274_e3cb88a82c_z.jpg]

Tulip is a Bloody Red Hood
Linden is a Taeyang Natsume
How cute! Lovely expression on Tulip's face and that tiny rose. Heart
What a charming photo!
Thank you both so much......I really appreciate your comments!
Very sweet!
That's so cute. You captured quite a mood here... she looks a wee bit uncertain, he looks a little hesitant... one wonders what's going to happen.
And that teeny bench...! smile
That's so sweet! What a cute photo!
Thank you all so much.....I am so pleased that you liked my photo!
So cute! I love her barrettes!
Thank you so much!!!
How cute! <3
What a beautiful photo. And the dolls aren't bad either. ;-) Seriously though, you have a great eye. There is a lot of emotion conveyed in this shot, and it captures Valentine's Day so well.
Aww, how sweet! <3
Thank you all so much again.....I really do appreciate your comments ((hugs)) xxx
Sooo cute!
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