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Full Version: Severity takes pictures :3
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So in an attempt to work on my photography, I'm working on one dolly picture a day.

2/16/15: "Anyway, here's Wonderwall..."
[Image: r7k3eq.jpg]

(Pullip Nomado, "Beatrice". Re-chipped, re-wigged, obitsu.)
I love Beatrice's wig and casual style! It really works for her. yay Also, where did you get that guitar? :O It's so cute!
The guitar is part of Nomado's stock! As is the scarf she's wearing. smile
Thank you for the compliment. I think I have finally settled on the right wig for her.
Those teeny guitars -- squee. I've looked at a few on eBay but they're probably not that nice.
Cute shot, good pose smile
Thank you Alliecat! grin
I was excited when Beatrice came with this guitar. smile I secretly love her stock outfit too but it doesn't fit her obitsu. This Barbie jeans & monster high combo worked pretty well I think!
I guess I didn't realize Nomado's guitar was that detailed. She looks wonderful, by the way.
Thank you! At least she's all in one piece here wink
she does look wonderful Severity. Nomado was my 1st pullip and remains one of my favourite girls. Your girl looks lovely and your photo is great smile
You're very welcome~! ^.^ I had no idea that Nomado came with a guitar! :O I swear that the older dolls come with some of the coolest things!
I love her wig! It suits her very well! grin Great photo! Looking forward to see more of your beautiful dollies!! yay
Love her curls, and so cool Nomado comes with earrings. They should do that more often!

[Image: 2pyw4f7.jpg]
"Seven keeps the flame."
(Pullip Kore, "Seven", rewigged)

And a bonus Hoshi photobomb:

[Image: flfqlj.jpg]
2/18/2015: "Meow!"

[Image: 5yvs0l.jpg]

(Pullip Mercu, "Iris". Rechipped, rewigged, obitsu)
I love the kitty!! grin And the lighting on his face. That is adorable.
For a little bit of fill light on candlelight or backlit shots, you might want to consider positioning a sheet of tinfoil to reflect a little light back onto faces. Scrunch it up first so it doesn't make discrete highlights.
Just a thought since you said you were trying to 'work on' your photography smile
Thank you Alliecat! Originally I just wanted to get a picture of Seven with the incense (because I was going to burn some anyway: again, I don't do incense near my dolls or sewing! I want to reassure people with allergies :3) and then I was out of control raiding my altar and lighting ALL the candles. And I'm very proud of Hoshi for mostly watching at a distance and not burning his whiskers :3
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