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Full Version: Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
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Who's the grumpiest witch of all?

Spoiler: It's Nim, even with her new wig and glasses!

[Image: 16548982956_4e6a02ea74.jpg]

I built her desk and mirror and books, and got her the dinosaur skeleton in a quarter machine today! yay I'm making good progress on her room but I'm not happy with any of the photos yet. Sweatdrop
Such an adorable photo!
I agree!
Nim's such a cute witch. The books and desk look really nice.
She looks very sweet!! yay I love her desk and the books! grin
She's so adorable!! Such a cute picture!
Grumpy AND Adorable!
I love the roomset you have made so much! Lucky Nim!
I love the ambiance of the picture ... It's mythical, magical ...fantastic
Oh, and where did you get Nim's glasses? grin
(02-27-2015, 05:16 PM)Severity Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, and where did you get Nim's glasses? grin

I got them from Dollmore based on a Flickr post that said they would fit, but I wouldn't recommend them! She's stopped wearing them because I had to bend them very oddly to fit her face and then I noticed they were scratching her. So I'm looking for another pair!