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Full Version: One bright, sunny day
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Today Crissy's mohair wig came off, so I thought it'd be nice to get some final snapshots of her while she's still fully stock.

The sun came out just for the occasion, and it was fun with the wind whipping her hair around xD

[Image: 1iA8VZl.jpg]

[Image: 9FtP7E7.jpg]

[Image: IQgGIU4.jpg]

[Image: aFlaXQT.jpg]

[Image: dnZpulM.jpg]

[Image: U5iu2Ae.jpg]

[Image: zg3xvmj.jpg]

[Image: TIilY6y.jpg]

[Image: AbpXRTS.jpg]

Stay tuned for her new look, coming soon! ^-^ ~
She's cute. I think I like the last photo best. What kind of wig did you get for her? I'm sure she will look completely different; it's surprising how much change a wig can make in their whole look.
So cute and I love all the little hair accessories that you used on her, especially that bunny clip. :3
It's hard to go wrong with a Papin, she's such a cutie!
She is gorgeous!! Looking forward to see her new wig!! yay
Thanks so much everyone!! blush

Can't wait to get Crissy a new wig and a new style. The one I chose is a dual-colour For My Doll wig so it'll go with her all-around colourful, playful theme Heart 2

Pullip Princess - I got that clip as a free gift from a group order. It's cute, huh? xD I need more Pullip-sized hair accessories...
What gorgeous photos of her!
Thank you very much, Little mouse! Heart 2 This is the first proper photoshoot I've done with Crissy. The camera certainly likes her smile
Adorable girl, can't wait to see her new look. smile