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Full Version: I so don't get this...
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Trying for a photo...


Oh wow that didn't work at all!



Do I need a Flickr account to be able to post photos?
Flickr certainly makes things a lot easier! Where are you trying to post photos from now?

I was trying Facebook and now Photobucket? I have no clue about this! LOL
Oh, that one is so close! You need to remove the "?t=1425408828" from after the jpg, make sure you're closing with [ /img] (no space), and I bet it will work. smile

(I can duck out if you're not looking for advice). ^^;;
Trying again...

[img]? Christine McNally | Christinography photo 1972469_10152017039018299_1369398321_n.jpg

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excpet its's HUGE lol

Sooo grateful for your advice!!!
Facebook purposefully makes it really hard to share photos! They want you to visit their site and give them the traffic/ad revenue. Photobucket should be a LOT easier for photo sharing. I'm so glad that you made your kitty photo work!! Heart
[Image: 1972469_10152017039018299_1369398321_n.jpg]

Thank you pixachii couldn't have done it without you! smile