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Full Version: Gloomy Springtime
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We got a bit of sunshine today and the flowers are coming up, so Gloomy got to model a new outfit from Kimono no Mirai.

So many violas in the background.
She is super cute in that kimono!
Gah! Green grass! Flowers! Her expression is kinda how I feel, about our lack of spring.
Cute pix; the outfit really suits her.
Aww, your Dal looks so adorable! Wandering around in that dense foliage, welcoming spring in a kimono. (´ω`●) She's a cutie~☀
Is grass? Flowers? AND an adorable Dal?
(It -snowed- here yesterday)
I love Gloomy's kimono! She looks so cute in springtime weather! grin
Thank you for the comments. As it turned out, the day after I took these photos, we dropped into a 3 day cold snap hitting freezing every night. (But it's still green, and my next set of photos has what I could manage of our cherry blossom season.) Anyway for those who are interested the kimono is off Ebay from a Japanese seller called Kimono No Mirai. I recommend her as she does beautiful work, and in multiple doll sizes.
I never thought I'd be saying that a Gloomy looks dignified and serene.
She looks very sweet in her Kimono! never realised she was such a sweety!!
She's adorable!! Sheooks perfect in that kimono! My Nim is also a Gloomy- I love their simple face-up. And her hair looks precious with that barrette!
Aw Gloomy looks so sweet in that setting and the kimono is gorgeous smile
I definitely think Gloomy is suited to the serenity of kimonos. ...and also the sweetness of farm life. (Especially since sheep do not beat her up.)

Hyssop, I noticed your Nim was a Gloomy too. That raccoon eye is very identifiable. Nim brings out a little more of the innate petulance and fire of Dals, which my Gloomy hasn't quite discovered.