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A few weeks ago, I received my very first Monster High doll.
She's a repaint by the talented Anastazia Custom Happy
[Image: 11111278_346722108851077_1281243119_n.jpg]
Looks so nice, i cant this ;(
Woow! She's so pretty! I love the detail that was put into her eyes!
Oh, she's great! Very pretty.
Thanks ! ♥
I'll take more pictures of her soon :3
I've (finally!) taken more pictures of Sally Happy
[Image: 17648747479_f7906c5007.jpg]Lost in the Woods by Audrey, sur Flickr

[Image: 17791102851_a9f46d8287.jpg]Let's go outside! by Audrey, sur Flickr

[Image: 17632821490_eaa7469f94.jpg]Relaxing in the garden by Audrey, sur Flickr

I have added two Monster High dolls to my collection yay
They were for sale (1€ for the two dolls - I couldn't refuse to buy them xD ) and I thought that I could try repaint. They're currently faceless.
I got a Clawdeen and a Spectra, but the Spectra one is different than the other MH dolls I've seen so far, her face is hard plastic and she can make some noise + "glows" >.< And it was very hard to remove her make-up.
I won't repaint them before the beginning of June, but I'll make sure to post picture here Happy
Sounds like you got a great deal. Repaints will never be my thing; I know I'd make an amateurish mess! Good luck with them, and yes, share your results.
Love the "lost in the woods" pic... looks like a movie scene smile
I finally found time to repaint Clawdeen and Spectra ! grin
Spectra was a bit harder to repaint because her face was hard plastic (she's from the Ghouls Alive line).

So here are my first repaints ! smile
[Image: 18777380796_ed3b57e6ca.jpg]Monster High Repaint : First try by Audrey, sur Flickr
I like Spectra's freckles. This is motivating me to get started on the box of MH dolls I scored from my brother's fiance to customize. So far I've only started one and there are about 14 of them. About half are Clawdeen so it was fun to see your's here. Did you trim off her ears, too? Was that hard?
I can't wait to customize more ! yay
Yes, I cut her wolk ears. It was easy smile
I'll try to get another Monster High to repaint.

[Image: 19053241856_bdb0602622.jpg]MH repaint: Clawdeen by Audrey, sur Flickr
I have recently made new repaints !
[Image: 20881947676_61bcc06375_c.jpg]Big City by Audrey, sur Flickr

I filmed the repaint process for this Spectra, so here's the video ♥

I also have a new Frankie repaint, and two Draculauras, but I'll wait until they're 100% finished !
(Frankie is waiting for new clothes + new wig, the Draculauras too but they remain bold and nude for now)
I have made several new repaints recently ! ♥
I won't show all of them here for now, because some are not 100% finished (some are bold at the moment...)

I repainted a Haunted Draculaura
[Image: 21287766319_72b9253184_c.jpg]Draculaura: Before / After by Audrey, sur Flickr
[Image: 21030597698_7c9e1a1139_z.jpg]Draculaura Repaint by Audrey, sur Flickr
Definitely my favorite repaint so far. Happy

I also made a Operetta, the "tatoo" on her face was definitely a challenge.
I also added 3 other tatoos on her body ^^
[Image: 20851997834_be07b186d1_c.jpg]Operetta Repaint: before / After by Audrey, sur Flickr
[Image: 21483293291_02840903da_c.jpg]Operetta Repaint by Audrey, sur Flickr

Last for now, another Spectra repaint LOL
[Image: 20853598043_3976217ca7_b.jpg]Spectra: Before / After by Audrey, sur Flickr
You do beautiful MH repaints.
Beautiful! What medium do you use for the repaints?
Thank you ! The medium I'm using can be seen in the video of a post above: soft pastels, watercolor pencils, MSC and acrylic paint. smile
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