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Full Version: Kenner love <3
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Had to take a few pics of my beautiful girl. Now I need a name for her. I'm so not good at finding names for my dolls.

[Image: 18732223900_a690243ba9_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 18297354394_4604e9bf26_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 18299230573_28518af8d8_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 18732177920_0f570d007c_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 18922733901_f6fbbf1d4f_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 18893565746_b5ff9d3d18_z.jpg]Kenner love by Mona, on Flickr
What about Daisy?
She's SO gorgeous ! She looks like a Matilda or Milly to me Heart I'm sure you'll find the perfect name for her.
Thank you Heart. I really like Daisy vertefae. So sweet and suitable.
She seems like flowers to me smile
Blossum? What ever her name is, she looks sweet in that outfit.
She's sooo much prettier and sweeter-looking than the Blythe I'm used to seeing online. Is it because she's a "Kenner?" (sorry, I don't know much yet about Blythes!)
Thank you Heart. Yes, the Kenners are the original vintage Blythes only made in 1972. There is something very special about them, and they don't look quite like the newer models. Well the newer models have never been made exactly the same, just similar, some more than others smile. That's how I can keep this girl as she is, already perfect, while every other Blythe I want to customise wink. And I think I will stick with Daisy as her name yay.
Daisy is perfect for her!
Congrats on your vintage treasure. I want her hair!! LOL
Thank you grin.
Kenners are so special. Daisy is wonderful and perfect. Congrats!
The Kenner threads have been bumped up and I'm becoming aware of just how cute these girls are (uh-oh Rb_bigO) . Pardon my late comment, but congrats on your pretty girl Bee!
Kenners I'm sure are a dream come true! I'd kill for one but my bank account sure wouldn't.