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Full Version: All My Pullips, June 2015
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Hello everyone! Today I spent some time and took individual photos of each and every one of my dolls. I have them organized by each character right here if you'd like to check them out, I'd appreciate it LOL I've also posted the profiles in the album descriptions that I spent the past three or so weeks working on. If you don't recognize a character's name in a dolls' bio, s/he hasn't arrived yet, or isn't presentable yet, hehe Happy

I'm going to probably repost the profiles here on the forum too, I just wanted some initial opinions on them. I realized I haven't really shown off my dolls here, and I feel guilty!
You have some beautiful dollies, It looks like you've done a great job getting them all organised with their pictures & profiles smile I particularly like the fact that your family features some of the older releases alongside some newer ones.
You have some lovely dolls .....well done on all the organisation of your collection.
All of your dolls are beautiful! I'm not seeing Arietta too often, your Ari is so pretty.
Ohh, I love them! They're all so well thought out! I think my favorites are Eve and Obsidian, but I also love Lucienne a lot. I do have a bias for Eternia, and yours is totally rocking that short haircut!
I adore modified Tomoe Mamis, yours (Kirana) included smile