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Full Version: Pullip Banshee
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One of my favorite combinations: flowers and dolls.

I probably should have taken the time to clone out the stand in the first photo, but I'm trying to get into the habit of actually posting photos, not just taking them and letting them sit on my harddrive for eons only to be seen by me. So here's my as yet un-named (my husband thinks she looks like a Bijou, I think she looks like a Bellatrix) Pullip Banshee for your enjoyment:

[Image: Banshee-red-roses_2015.07.jpg]

[Image: Banshee-red-roses_2015.07-2.jpg]

[Image: Banshee-yel-rose_2015.07.jpg]
Wow! Very pretty!
Banshee is on my short list. In some of her photos she looks a bit fierce, but she looks quite delicate here. And your roses are lovely. Yay for posting photos smile I like the middle one best.
She is very pretty! Great photos smile
Lovely shots! I love how you're really showing off that beautiful lavender color in her wig, and the coloration of her lips next to that yellow rose is stunning! Banshee is definitely an under appreciated girl Heart 2
She looks very beautiful with the flowers!
What a darling, tending her roses! Banshee is for sure an under-appreciated beauty smile

(and my Chibi Risa Bella says Bellatrix is indeed a mighty fine name Tongue although Bijou is pretty too!)