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Full Version: My Little Pony SDCC Exclusives now up on Hasbro Toy Shop!
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In case anyone else here is looking the SDCC exclusives are now available via HasbroToyShop

Equestria Girl Sci-Twi Doll
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie in chicken costume
Uhm, why does a pony need a chicken costume?
It was her Halloween costume in an episode in one of the first few seasons, the packaging and the idea is kind of cute and I would've ordered at $20 but yeah not sure I need another Pinkie Pie that badly to where I'd be willing to pay $50 for it.
I would not ever pay 50$ for another pinkie but just in a chicken suit I paid 50$ or so for mane-iac because she was new but 50$ for a pinkie is (in my mind) absolutely horrible