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Full Version: Introducing Tanza! (aka Little Pullip Dog, aka Dolly Disaster Hair)
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So as I planned to buy my first big doll, I wanted to get a mini, too. I had my eye on Dormouse for quite awhile, but she sold out at Pullipstyle the week before I placed my order. But then they had all the $10 sample box dolls, so I went with Pullip Dog because I loved her purple eyes and sweet little face.

Well, she is quite adorable, but the dog outfit wasn't doing her any favors. I made her a simple little dress for now (it literally took me ten minutes), and will try to make something better when I have more time. She is hard to photograph well.

Her hair is driving me a little nuts. I love the color, and the bangs are nice, but the rest of it... yikes! Looks like a frizzy bad perm, and also the right side of her head has layers and the left doesn't. Really weird! Not sure if there's any way to tame it?

Anyway, I have named her Tanza, and here she is in all her messy glory!

[img]Tanza2<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>[/img]

[img]Tanza4<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>[/img]
Aw, congrats on getting her! c:
I was tempted by her and Donkey. (Still might get Donkey..dunno..)

Anyways, she looks so cute. I like her eye contrast with her skin o3o
I wish I could make 10 minute dresses.. xD
She has such a cute face. I'm not a fan of the animal costumes. Neat that you could make her a little dress in 10 minutes. I don't sew, so my minis rob my wallet for expensive Petite Blythe clothes Tongue
You could try running very hot water over her hair and trying to comb it out a bit. You can google "boil perm"... I haven't tried this, just hot water under the tap. It can work for a little while but I've found once someone has the frizzies, they're pretty much stuck with it. Maybe big hair will become part of her personality? LOL
She's a cutie ! I was surprised how detailed minis are in person, they're SO adorable. I have 2 and they both stole wigs from my PukiFee girls since I couldn't deal with their stock hairs XD They're also even cuter with Picco Neemo bodies Heart
I washed, boil-straightened repeatedly and then washed again my little Pullip dog's wig, and it's much better now! I use it for Fauxbaki.
Well done on getting such a bargain and well done on making her dress too! It so suit her!

I hope we get to more photos of Tanza soon.
Hahaha! Dolly disaster hair, that cracks me up. She's pretty cute in her little blue dress, hair and all!