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Full Version: Charlie arrives in Florida!!
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Thank you Hina for letting me bring Charlie home! Upon getting here, she wanted to get out and explore right away!

"What can I do in Florida?" she asked.

[Image: 20857330911_71ab6c0260_z.jpg]
"Is it always this hot?"

[Image: 20662126070_490421178b_z.jpg]

[Image: 20840591362_c870c335ee_z.jpg]
" lots of trees to climb!"

[Image: 20840589882_56d1f794bd_z.jpg]
"Ferns to hide in.."

[Image: 20662171568_0bf1820fd8_z.jpg]
"Flowers to smell.."

[Image: 20227572644_c55c1e3fa4_z.jpg]
"I really think I'm going to like it here! But I gotta get in the shade for right now.." LOL

[Image: 20857321421_96f8f5c68d_z.jpg]

Thank you for looking! ^-^;;
Hahaha, cute! I think I would like Florida too. " the shade for right now..." ("so I don't melt like a Pullip"?? LOL )
I love her dress; it's so totally "summer"! And what are the blue flowers? I have a vivid blue delphinium & would love more blue flowers but you don't see too many that are truly blue.
"Is it always this hot?" Lol X)

Very cute! smile
Thank you girls! yay
@Alliecat, I am not 100% entirely sure. My mom would know in a heart beat, but I unfortunately have not picked up her gardening 101 skills (yet)
I tried to google and they might just be Plumbagos? If not, they surely look a lot alike. XD
And Hina made the dress herself! :3

Thank you fishy!
Yes, it was 101 outside today. And since we don't have AC indoors, it was a whopping 92 degrees in here.. x___x Hello major headache. Thank god it's night right now and it's not SO hot.
I also love her dress, and her wonderful face up. She has such a clean sweet look. I look forward to seeing more pictures of her smile
She's so cute; and she's quite the traveler! I'm so glad that we'll still get to see this cute girlie around. smile
Thank you Byronic and Kira! smile
(08-25-2015, 10:18 AM)whimsu Wrote: [ -> ]I tried to google and they might just be Plumbagos? If not, they surely look a lot alike.

Yeah! I looked that up. Thanks. They're lovely, but, dang, can't grow 'em outdoors here sad
She's going everywhere lol
She looks so adorable Heart. Looks like she is setteling in nicely yay.
This cutie seems to be having fun traveling! I hope she likes her new home.
Thank you guys! smile
What a sweet little girl! Heart