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Full Version: My Gbaby Charlotte
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Finally my Gbaby girl is on her way home grin. These photos are by the artist, Gina, I'm allowed to post them wink. Maybe I shouldn't share as my own photos of her will probably be a total letdown from these beauties LOL

[Image: 21101431602_bbf167e579_z.jpg]My Gbaby Charlotte by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 20923656278_b842d13c12_z.jpg]My Gbaby Charlotte by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 21085309696_06fba947ce_z.jpg]My Gbaby Charlotte by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 21119217401_bc1f18a155_z.jpg]My Gbaby Charlotte by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 21111483135_795c0cd089_z.jpg]My Gbaby Charlotte by Mona, on Flickr
She is a stunner! I love the sparkly eyelids and the adorable freckles. Congrats!

And I'm sure your photos of her will be fine, too.
Wow. You know, I really didn't like Blythe when I started getting interested in dolls, but, as with Dals, some of the owner photos are winning me over a bit, and some of the custom ones, yours included, really are cute. The last photo is sweet! smile I bet you can't wait to see her in person.
Ahhh Gbaby is so oldschool ! I don't think anyone, in my opinion, tops her for being one of the most well known/looked up to/original style Blythe customizers out there. I always dreamed of owning a particular Heather Sky custom by Gina, but I lost track of who owns her unfortunately sad

Anyway lol she's breathtakingly beautiful, a huge congratulations to you Bee and I can't wait to see more of her ! smile
Oh, I saw this girl on Flickr and didn't realize she was yours. She's gorgeous and I'm sure you'll cherish her.
shes beautiful! I'm in the same boat as alliecat, customs are seriously winning me over
Thank you so much everyone, she already takes my breath away, so I can't wait to have her in my hands *swoon*. Gbaby was the first customiser were I actually felt I would want to pay so much to own one of her girls. So there was no way I could resist when a commission slot became available wink. This was nearly two years after I first discovered her work. Ideally I would want a dark brownhaired girl by her as well, but I have a grail to save up for first.

Anyway, I am always happy to help more people discover the wonderous world of Blythe, spreading the love you know LOL Heart