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Full Version: Dolls copying human models (updated July '21)
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Here's a sort of photo challenge, if anyone wants to join in...  Inspired by Natalie's garden photoshoot, I'm looking twice at magazine ads for photo ideas.  It could be kind of fun to try to copy them.
So this is for any dolls, (or, heck, even copy a horse photo with your MLPs LOL )... post the original photo or a link to it, then your version.  Copy as closely as you can, or do your own interpretation.

To start, here's Daesani.

[Image: 21486101092_8c6d86442b_o.jpg]
Her assignment is a Shopping Channel ad.

[Image: 21470942126_8f82bf11eb_o.jpg]
The result.
We didn't have a lot of the right size bags, and white backgrounds suck.  This took 3 takes and I still don't love the light.  Oh well. yay

So who wants to try?
Oh my goodness this looks so fun! I'm definitely going to have to try it later! <3

On another note, Daesani's outfit is ADORABLE and I think you did a great job capturing the feel of the original photo!
Thank you so much grin I hope to see you try it.
That dress was another stellar eBay bargain at about $3.50 from "minikitty_dollshop". It was cute on the Barbie in the auction but I was thrilled at how ridiculously cute it was on the Pullips. The J-dolls haven't even had a chance to try it on yet LOL
I really like your take on the advertisement!
Just a tip, no critique, i have see the photography dept use big paper sheets instead of fabric when shooting small objects with a white ( or any color) background. Maybe thatt would give the desired look?

I am surely going to try to do a fashion ad photo with one of the girls, after all Pullip and friends are sooooo photogenic!
that's Adorable♥
This is a nifty idea! Daesani has the attitude down, that's for sure.
This is so cute! I love that idea. :3 Daesani has got the pose down perfectly!
Thank you everybody. Daesani certainly does 'attitude' well smile

(09-19-2015, 03:28 AM)Marsian Wrote: [ -> ]Just a tip, no critique, i have see the photography dept use big paper sheets instead of fabric when shooting small objects with a white ( or any color) background. Maybe thatt would give the desired look?
Yeah, this was just an old tablecloth, sloppily de-wrinkled in the short time I had to play with it. The problem was mostly that the little digicam I do dolly photos with (my real camera is film) doesn't do well with bright light & high contrast, & even though I waited for the sky to get hazy & adjusted the EV, it was still somewhat fooled by all the white.
I see another ad that I'd like to do, but for the light, it would mean getting up for sunrise. UGH. Not any time soon...
I hope to see some others try this.
oehh this is very nice! Great idea, and I love how your photo turned out!! yay Will be giving this a try very soon!! grin
Nice idea !
I'll try to take a picture like this as well. smile
So this isn't an exact copy, as I hadn't seen the original photo in a few days and couldn't remember exactly how it looked when I took this photo, but this is SOMEWHAT based on this photo. xD

[Image: 21818103555_e6d37432d6_z.jpg]Neekitaka Larea Stone by Haley, on Flickr

[Image: cool-model-2_1972203642.jpg]
Yay smile That's cute! It is surprisingly hard to remember little details in photos sometimes... or maybe it's my attention span. Both look like they are thoughtfully waiting for someone.
I think you managed to capture the feeling of the original photo. Except that Neekitaka is prettier!
Awww, thank you both! <3
Well, wow, I finally got to do this photo I've wanted to try since I saw it in the magazine in September. Getting this light on all the accessible rocks with this orientation requires getting up for sunrise. I am NOT a morning person. But, I had to be up at dawn for something else today, so I packed Aislinn along, and after my "real" photo assignment, I went to the beach to play. I'm sure I could find a better match of rock type and maybe a tide pool too, aaannd it would've been nice if the tide was higher... but I didn't have a lot of time to find a spot as the sun came up.
The original photo is by someone called Karolina Henke.

[Image: 22928923515_95cca7d944_o.jpg]
"That looks like fun! I can do that."

[Image: 22510626618_628b02f129_o.jpg]
And, she did! grin
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