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Full Version: Lacus Clyne (MegaHouse 1/6~27cm. A.F.C. PLUS Doll series)
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so i had mentioned here, a few months back, that i was beginning to be interested in finding one of these.
well, my opportunity finally came along just yesterday, for just under $60.00 shipped!!

furthermore, she's coming from a seller in my hometown of PORTLAND, OR. just shy of 200mi. away,
so she should be here in no time flat! for now, however, we'll have to be satisfied with some example photos;

[Image: _57_zpsvtidt0jc.jpg]

[Image: Milady-Alluca1436208519_zpsfl9rob9l.jpeg]
Wow! smile Awesome!! smile
She is gorgeous, congrats on finding her!
Congrats on the deal! I have always loved Lacus Heart
Congrats! It's always exciting to find a grail and especially when it's at a decent price.

i also know MegaHouse released at least two or three ToHeart 2 dolls in this series,
including a Konomi Yuzuhara and Manaka Komaki i'd dearly love to have.

unfortunately, of the three only the comparatively ugly (to me) Tamaki Kosaka
seems to be widely available at anything resembling a reasonable price...

(( WAAHHHHHH, i love them!!! but they command like $250/$300+ each these days!!!! ))
Those photos aren't showing up for me. sad Is Photobucket acting up? sad
yep, it's all being a real pain again. seems to be an issue with PB and this specific forum, actually...

for now, you can see them here, if you'd like;
just came in today, made a few modifications to personal taste;

[Image: Lacus%20Clyne%20MegaHouse%209-23-15%201_zpsd3mwbh9y.jpg]

[Image: Lacus%20Clyne%20MegaHouse%209-23-15%202_zps4wvdfovc.jpg]

[Image: Lacus%20Clyne%20MegaHouse%209-23-15%203_zpsx3lsvisx.jpg]
Congrats, I actually have the Meer Campbell from this series.
thanks. i'm not much of a fan of GUNDAM SEED, but i always did like Lacus a lot.

i actually prefer her looks from the first SEED series, and MegaHouse indeed did make at least two dolls
depicting her from that timeline, but this later SEED DESTINY version seems the only one currently readily available,
and available at a price i can realistically consider. the cheapest available to me was a used example from a Japanese seller
for around $80shipped, that is, until a more local seller listed this one on the BAY, NISB, for just under $60shipped. i was the sole bidder.

unfortunately, while mint in every way, she was ill-stored in a musty environment, and came out of her box
smelling like the 50-year old medical, aeronautical and general science books my mother used to have before out last move.

between her being now perpetually freed from her packaging, and regular perfume applications, i hope to eventually banish the offending malodorousness for good.

one last item; it strikes me how much this doll resembles "Megurine Luka" of Hatsune Miku's VOCALOID family;

[Image: dt_extend_cyber_nation_luka_by_chocofudg...ddnnyn.png]
Megurine Luka‚ô•Kunoichi Songstress~

[Image: Luka%20Megurine%20Kunoichi%20Songstressh...xcn2zt.jpg]