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Full Version: Vocaloid Megurine♥Luka (Megahouse A.F.C. Doll Series Lacus Clyne)
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well, to paraphrase Dr. Frankenstein; SHE's ALIVE!!!!

all the little changes/enhancements i've been making have suddenly inadvertently coalesced before my eyes into a doll that strongly suggests my favorite VOCALOID character, Megurine Luka! now i finally have the 1/6 doll of her i've been wishing for!!!

[Image: MegurineheartsLuka%20MegaHouse%209-28-15...ouxjgw.jpg]

[Image: Megurine%20Luka_zpsqumhdcst.png]
She is so cute & I love that pink hair! ((I actually have a wig that was advertised as a Luka wig for cosplay, although she's not who I'm cosplaying :3 ))
Yay! smile Another Luka fan!! smile

Neat customization.

I kind of wonder if one of the two might be based on the other, since they look so similar and both have the pop-idol singer thing going on. :S ?
i dunno, but in any case here's the final touch;

[Image: MegurineheartsLuka%20MegaHouse%209-29-15...wuuex6.jpg]

[Image: Anime%20Doll%20Harem%2010-4-15%202_zpsrkfuzjan.jpg]
Megurine Luka♥Kunoichi Songstress~

[Image: Luka%20Megurine%20Kunoichi%20Songstressh...xcn2zt.jpg]
I like her new boots smile
She looks really cute! All she needs is a big tuna.

still and all, i don't at all get the whole Luka+Tuna dynamic i keep running into. guess i'd have to have been a long time fan to understand?